Pixelation on shape edges when setting a -0.01 roto shape shrink


I’ve noticed that there seems to be some pixelation occurring on the shape edges when setting my roto shape shrink to -0.01, and actually is noticeable on the range of -0.01 to -0.90, and any other negative number with a decimal that’s not zero, like -2.5, but it does not happen at -1.0, -2.0, etc. +0.01 and up look fine. Please let me know of any thoughts on this :slight_smile: Thanks

Shrink 0.0

Shrink -0.01

Shrink -1.0

Shrink +0.01

A couple of things in no particular order…

  • Your zoom factor is 717%. That is quite a large value. How does is it look at 100%?
  • Image filtering occurs when at fractional values.
  • I checked the shrink quality in the Roto node vs. Sapphire’s S-MatteOps and the quality appears to be the same to me. I think that this may be the nature of these types of algorithms.
  • Typically, a little bit of blur is helpful shrinking or eroding.

Ok thanks for the insight, I’ll keep these things in mind as I work with any decimals or negatives.