Planar surface adjustment?

Hello, is it possible to modify the planar surface after a track, just put 2 keys and make an adjustment like if it was the ouline layer, simple ?

I tried the manual track but it shows a key on each frame, so it’s not the solution, and i tried uberkeys but not working either.

I just want to slightly modify the end of my tracking, but if i touch the planar surface it’s gonna affect all frames…

Use AdjustTrack for this. Set a reference frame at the last good frame then modify.
If you need help with AdjustTrack, watch this video:

Alternatively, if you want to return to regular keys after a simple manual track, just turn on “Large Motion” again. The keys on the timeline are just to indicate what tracking keys have already been created, but they are hidden again after you return to regular tracking.

Thank you for your answer.
I managed to adjust my track, but only in classic mode.
The transform mode, like in the vidéo, doesn’t work, i set points but they don’t follow the planar surface.

Had you tracked those frames before adjusttrack?

Sure, everything was tracked. Otherwise classic mode wouldn’t have worked ! But i reoppened my scene today and now the transform mode works !! Maybe just a bug yesterday…

That’s interesting. Glad that it works for you now!
If you’ll ever face it again - please provide a recording to have a look