Planar surface tracking drifting

Hello everyone, I’m trying to use Mocha in AE for the first time but I’ve run into a problem.

When I use X Splines tool to track and modify frame by frame, a green triangle appears on timeline. But when I use planar surface tracking, nothing happens on the timeline and planar surface is drifting whenever I hit track button to check the whole process.

The thing is I’ve correct all the planar surface tracking every frame its drifting.

Hi! This kind of question comes up a lot, so we have specific video guides on how to use the tool.

Here’s a whole video guide for new users:

In answer to your question, the surface itself does not keyframe. It is a placement and tracking guide. It’s designed specifically not to keyframe so you can easily move it to where you want it before, during or after you’ve finished tracking.
You only keyframe the surface if you need to use AdjustTrack, or in dire circumstances, the manual track.

Modifying the spline doesn’t affect the track as it’s just defining the area that Mocha should search for.
You’ll learn all about these concepts in the essentials guide above.

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thank you !
I’ll see the series guide but before posting a question in here, I did research and I saw a video which a guy holding an empty picture frame, he used X Splines tool around the frame to track and then use Planar surface inside that frame. What I don’t understand here is when he hit the track button (It will take time to process in this step, right ?) The Planar surface is follow exactly when he move the picture frame.
In my case, I filmed a white paper with a rubik cube on its, I use X Splines tool around it, then use Planar surface to 4 corner of that paper. I rotate the paper (on my shot) a little bit. When I push track button, X Splines is fine, but Planar surface is messed up.

The spline is where the track is LOOKING. (How to get the tracking data.)

The surface is what the track is DOING. (What the track is actually performing.)

Sounds like you have a shadow or occlusion messing up your track with a keyframes spline.

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Thank you, I’ll test it again