Planar surface tracking

My planar surface isn’t sticking to the track. What am I doing wrong?

Try tracking translation only on the palm and use that. Looks like your track is not ideal.

Can you try that and let me know?


I don’t know if I understand. You want me to track the palm as way to track the teeth?

I thought the teeth were the insert because they’re jumping. What is the goal with the teeth?

The goal is to do some kind of plexus effect. The teeth pop out from the hand with lines anchoring them down. I need a top object (teeth) and a bottom object (palm of hand) to have nulls. Then i’d add my plexus effect. The palm tracked fine.

Clip: Dropbox - File Deleted

OK. If you just need nulls, try tracking translation, scale, and rotation only on the teeth. You can try shear if you feel like you need the data, but since Nulls are fine to be displayed in X & Y only, you can get away with a lot more. You may need to use manual tracking when the teeth shrink dramatically.

Try that and let me know?


Seems to have worked. Thanks!