Planar Surface Transform

The only way to adjust the planar surface is insert> transform > clocking the numbers? There’s no way to to do on the screen with small increments?

Do you need a numerical value?
You can just adjust the surface with the mouse.

If you need to do it with greater accuracy, you can hold down Shift + CTRL or on macOS Shift + CMD.

Martin I’m talking about a planar surface not a spline. The video is about spline adjustment. When I adjust it with a mouse the whole track is affected but I need it to be adjust from a certain frame.
When you do in insert> transform you get a key and it’s adjusted from there and when you do on the screen It’s not keyed

Holding Shift and CTRL doesn’t change anything. We’ve got X.XX and that.s it. There are no smaller increments available

I basically need to key the planar surface and move it around in Mocha freely.

The same option applied to surface corners, but maybe i’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to do.

Why are you using insert-transform specifically?

I think possibly @maryp explained this in another thread, but the surface is a free moving object that is not keyframed.

If you need to adjust the surface after a track due to drift, you should use adjusttrack or manual track.

Can you show me exactly what you’re trying to do so I can understand in context?

YOU CAN key the planar surface in insert> transform. I use it to adjust and key the planar surface. Green keys literally show up on the time line when you go insert>transform and clock the values. They’re in the dope sheet under ROI track

I have a green screen with a floating object that goes up and down in 100 pixel range. In order to compensate for that I need to adjust the planar surface that I attach to a track. I did stabilize it but still since I’m tracking position only on the object that moves, scales, sheer and change perspective and the insert drifts here and there slightly so I have to manually key adjust the planar surface here and there

If you are making small tracking adjustments, I would recommend using the AdjustTrack module. The Insert module can be used to scale and position the surface with keyframes, but just wanted to make sure you understand that these adjustments are done on top of the planar tracking data.

As far as small increments in the insert module for scale or transform, there is none, so I think this is a feature request.

Last point to mention is if you have done AdjustTrack and used other common Mocha techniques to solve a track and still getting drift, you might want to use “Manual Track” in the Track tab which exposes the surface keyframes that can then be edited to fix really difficult or occluded tracks.
Hope this helps.