Planar track changing after saving and closing MochaAE

I tried to make a planar track (with perspective) of a smartphone. At first I created my layer, then I adjusted the planar surface to make it match + I tracked all the frames and made some adjustement using keyframes.

Afterwards I noticed there was some problem with my planar surface not completely matching the smartphone movement so again I made adjusments with the “Classic” AdjustTrack tool. When I watched the preview it looked decent so I saved my layer (and even locked it).

When I create my tracking data by using the right layer on AE to export as corner pin, or when I try to reopen MochaAE, a part of the planar tracking changed and is not matching the smartphone anymore. I don’t understand why, did I miss something ? It does this whenever I try to recreate the tracking.

I’m using the latest version of AE and the MochaAE version : 9.0.4 build 13.g8233aa42e84f
Build Date Mar 7 2022

(sorry for my english)

The is a bug at the moment where the “Classic” AdjustTrack will not apply in the plugin data. You need to use the “transform” AdjustTrack instead.