Planar Track jumping - not locking to x-spline

Hi - Claudia at SF cutters recommended I come here for help.

I’m tracking a TV in a wide swinging camera shot and the actor obstructs the TV. I’ve masked out the actor and I have a good x-spline track of the TV, but when I place the planar tracker it jumps around a lot. Since it’s the planar data that exports, I need to figure out how to keep the planar from being so jittery.


Hi Carolyn,

When you track under occlusions, you need to use manual track to jump ahead. The planar tracker can only track what it sees, so if there’s not a similar plane to track, use manual track to bump the track down to where you can see the track again. This is only necessary to use when the object you are tracking is completely obscured or becomes untrackable.


If you need me to take a look at it I can always check out the shot, send it to me at

Ok. Thanks MaryP. I’ll work on it a bit more and see if I can make any progress with the manual track feature. If not, I’ll send it.