Planar track not working

I’m having problems with my first mocha (for AE) attempt.
I need to add a logotype to a snowboard in movement. The board gets two times off-screen, in the beginning, coming from behind the mountain, and at the end going out off screen. At the top, the board disappears partially as well.

I found out the right way to solve the beginning, which consists in creating a layer track for the mountain. But I’m not being able to fix the tracking problem at the end of the film. The planar surface and the spline-layer just shrink… of course if I try to correct this, it transforms the planar surface in the rest of the clip getting too big (much bigger than the board).

I paste the desktop capture of the issue.

Any help?
Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

Hi there,

This is a shot that requires you to use manual track to move the track past occlusions. You can find a tutorial for manual track (and how to track occlusions) here that should help you solve this shot.