Planar Tracking to AE, pasted BAM!

Ok, hopefully I got you with the BAM!

Included is a link to a video briefly showing what happens when I paste the tracking data from Mocha to AE’s pre comp. I followed along with a tutorial and did exactly as they specified and BAM, mine didn’t snap beautifully in place, instead it either threw it out into space or it made a teeny tiny version of the photo that was to replace the original.




Hi there!

You need to precomp and stretch the insert layer. See “Applying Corner Pin for Layers with different dimensions” here:

I did try that, and it didn’t work :(.

It’s still snapping elsewhere :(.


I tried that part of the tutorial and again, the brown trackers are off in space and the “rectangle” is tilted and definitely not aligned :(. I’ve tried different tutorials and this “simple” tracking, is anything but.

Which export are you using to paste to AE? In the video it looks like you’re using a transform rather than a corner pin.

I tried them all actually, the one in the video is the corner pin, I believe was the corner pin with the most options.

I’ll have to do a complete video, replicating each step and show the results. I’ll include the tutorial that was on youtube that I also tried to follow along with.

Here’s the name of that video in the mean time(the youtube one).

<span style=“color: rgb(64, 64, 64); font-family: Roboto, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 18.2px; background-color: rgb(245, 245, 245);”>"AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL Screen REplacement(Motion Tracking w/Mocha)</span>

I don’t have access to YT here at work, but need to resolve this simple tracking.


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That’s the video that I was following. I get everything, like previously mentioned, the tracking, move the corner pin, etc, right up to the pasting of the data from Mocha. Then that’s when the quirky part begins. I’ve tried all the options for data, just in case his video is outdated, etc. STILL, the data flings the newly attached photo and skews it. One option, the painting just floated, obviously not attached to the data.

Not sure what I’m missing.

Did you Align the surface in mocha as well, so the surface matches the full dimensions after you have tracked?

There are two ways to corner pin with mocha and AE:

  1. Align the surface to full dimensions in mocha and export the corner pin to a layer in After Effects that has already set the insert in place (like he does in the tutorial)
  2. Set the surface up in mocha to match the insert area and stretch the insert to fit the comp dimensions in AE before pasting the corner pin data

Take a look at this video for an example:

Hey Martinb.

Thank you so much for responding. Yes, I followed both that video you posted and the one I previously posted. I mean I did it over and over making sure I did EVERY STEP. I even used a different video that was shot exactly like his. Still I get this weird skewing and etc. I will try, again LOL.
I did align the surface to the full dimension, yup…check.
2)set the surface up, yup…check.

Thanks again. May have to skip this “simple” tracking :(.
Time to track in Syntheyes.

Yup, Still same errors :(. I’m finding it difficult to understand what’s going wrong :(.

Send me the project please: martinb[at] I can help you troubleshoot.