Plane doesn't follow tracked X Spline

I’m very new to Mocha so this is probably something simple I’m doing wrong.

I’ve created an X Spline and tracked an area of a video. On the first frame of tracking, the plane is correctly placed over the X Spline, but as the X Spline moves, the plane stays stationary and doesn’t move at all. I need the plane to move (shouldn’t it follow the X Spline?) because I’m using it to insert a graphic in the location of the X Spline.

Lastly, can I use the X Spline shape to mask the inserted graphic to handle obscuring objects in the video? How would that be accomplished?

I looked on the tutorials and none of them seem to have planes and splines that don’t follow each other.


Any help greatly appreciated.

If you switch the “link to track” to none the shape will not follow the track, and instead read everything that passes beneath the shape.

If the shape simply isn’t tracking then this is probably an open GL error. If your shape is completely stationary, try going to File>Preferences. Once preferences is open, navigate to the “Open GL” tab and check the checkbox “Disable Offscreen Buffers.” Now try tracking again, your shape should follow the track properly.

Hi Mary, I need you to clarify some terminology. What is the shape? Is it the XSpline that I’ve tracked part of the video with or the 4 cornered plane that shows the 3d position and orientation? Changing the ‘link to track’ setting makes no difference in making the plane follow the XSpline.

If, by shape, you mean the XSpline, then the shape is tracking properly. It’s the plane (the 3d wall thingy) that isn’t following the XSpline as it tracks. Therefore the inserted graphic, which follows the 3D plane doesn’t move and stays stationary in the middle of my video.

By the shape I mean the spline, yes. OK, so your track can’t be tracking properly if the surface tool is not moving with it. You must be animating the shape but not tracking. Can you send me a screenshot of the entire screen? I will need it either in email or you will need to upload it to an image hosting site and link here.


Sure. Can’t figure out how to insert an image here. What’s your email address?


Sorry, I should have included that. but it’s way after hours here, I’ll grab your case in the morning. :slight_smile: