Planer surface and grid disappear

See attached image
2020-06-03 14.21.33

I have a single layer, with a single spline on it. I set link to track to “none” because the camera is pushing in and I just want it to follow the texture on the ground to get the track and not immediately follow the track offscreen. The ground is basically a grid of texture, so I don’t think it’s losing that, but I tracked forward and and the planer surface and perspective grid completely disappear on frame 42.

It can keep tracking for another 20 or so frames without the planer surface showing and eventually stops with a “Tracking failed: Couldn’t decompose drift compensation matrix”

I tried without removing the “link to track” and fails too.

Also attached source movie

The bad news: This is the surface going behind the camera issue we have had for years.

The GOOD news: this is fixed in the latest version of Mocha Pro, or should be. What version are you on?

If you’re on an older version, try moving the corner pin further back and tracking from the end of the shot to the beginning.

And consider upgrading to the new version. We changed the algorithm to account for this happening.


Ah bummer. You guys released this fix 2 days after my license expired

That’s unfortunate timing. Can you submit a request to sales and see what they can do for you?

I am still having this issue June 9th, 2022. I set my surface and it disappears immediately!? Please help! Is there anything I can do to fix this!?

Sounds like it is moving behind the camera. Is the surface very large and moving in perspective?

I really try to not do too much depth, the area really isn’t very large and this keeps happening in many different projects. I have 6 in total and it has happened in all three so far. It’s killing me and pretty sure my boss is going to flip when he knows how much time I have spent simply having to completely start from scratch bc my surface disappears in the middle of every project I’m trying to track. What can I do!? Please help!!

You can send me the files with the footage and I can take a look? We would rather users not get killed by bosses over stuff like this. :slight_smile: Email maryp at and I will see what I can see.

Hi there

I had re-done this project again today in an attempt to fix this disappearing surface issue but it’s just given me another set of issues.

To be honest I’m at a complete loss here and no longer sure what to do.

I tried to switch my tracking area halfway through and maybe that’s what did it this time? I have no idea but I may have to tell my boss we can’t do these projects (6 door tracking videos in total and I have only completed one in the time it was expected I would have them all done and to the client)

Few notes, I did try to track the Plexi glass plaque on the wall in hopes that would exclude it from the track but seems it has done me no good. Now I just have a disappearing surface and a grid that looks like a star but only in one frame?

I’ve added in the exported project video with the final product to give you an idea of what we are trying to do. I really didn’t expect these tracks to be so difficult and now running into so many problems even with the Pro version of Mocha, I am at the point where I’m not sure what to do or tell my boss or the client.

I realize this may be just lack of experience but I’ve spent the better half of two weeks trying to learn this new program and still very much unable to track most of our shots.

Thanks for reaching out, really hoping we can find a solution

Project Files Link:

I am downloading everything now and I will take a look.

Hi there,

OK, I took a look Definitely there’s a few problems here. One is certainly the surface going behind the camera. You have a door rotating in space, essentially. The last few frames will have to be manually tracked and it is unlikely you will be able to have the door tracked constantly throughout the shot on the domed glass door.

You also have a problem with lens warp in the shot, you will need to solve for the lens and re-track, or simply remove the lens distortion and then track the shot again.

You may have to crate several overlapping tracks to nail these shots.