Playback hotkeys not working

Hi, I’m starting to learn Silhouette, and today I was unable to use the hotkeys for the playback controls. Other hotkeys are working well, and my keyboard it’s fine as well. Is it possible that I have disable something without knowing it? I tried with different footages, different sessions and close and reopen Silhouette.


Is it the J, K, L keys that are not working for you?

Those and the rest of hotkeys for Playback: X, Z, Home, End… etc

Can you select Window > Console to make sure that it is open, click the Console tab in the Timeline area, and then press the keyboard shortcuts that don’t work? Do you see any information appear in the Console? If so, can you copy and paste it here?

Thanks Marco for the replay. This is what I see at start, with a new project created, a new session, and only the nodes for the source and for the output in the node tree:

…(other lines)…

Maximum texture size: 32768x32768
OCIO Config: $(OCIO)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “C:/Program Files/SilhouetteFX/Silhouette 2020.5/resources/scripts\”, line 4, in
from actions import *
File “C:/Program Files/SilhouetteFX/Silhouette 2020.5/resources/scripts\actions\”, line 12
print “\nWARNING\n**************\nExportNukeShapes Script: The path does not exists, set it correctly on the script”
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to ‘print’. Did you mean print("\nWARNING\n**************\nExportNukeShapes Script: The path does not exists, set it correctly on the script")?

If I press the hotkeys nothing happens…

I corrected the syntax error in python file and now all it’s working ok. Thank you for point me out to the console tab! :slight_smile:

Did you edit one of the Python files prior to the problem occurring?

Yes, I added a script in the actions folder although later I realized that I didn’t need it, and I forgot to delete it… Now it’s all clean again!