Pleaae help me tracking many layers!

Hi…everybody !

I have a project…example : make 3 bullet holes in 3 other places on body…then export to Adobe after effect,and add blood affect(AAE)…to victim.

I made : step by step tracking layer 1 then export to AAE , then Layer 2…and the last …lyaer 3

Please tell me how can tracking by Mocha…with 3 layer in the same time ?

THank you very much !




You can track as many layers as you like in a mocha project concurrently, but you can only export them one at a time, as you need to select each layer back in AE to apply the separate data to.

Thank you very much !

So…I try to track many layer but I dont know how…coild you tell me detail to track them in Mocha ?

I’m in Vietnam …very difficult to look a Mocha document …,most of them I watched on tutorial video…

Bit dont understand how and why do that ?

Thank you very much !








You just draw another layer.

Every layer you draw is a new tracking layer. If it’s cog is on in the layer controls, it will track. If you draw three layers in mocha and track, it will track them all at once.

You can then select each one individually and export the tracks back to AE.

Thank you very much !

Do you have any document or link about Mocha ? Please support for me …Thank you very much !


For documentation, go to the documentation page here: Boris FX | Documentation

Or look at the offline user guide in the mocha Help Menu.