Please help! How to Track shot properly

Greetings to all mocha pro forum members.


How to track this shot properly?

My mission is simple : To track the surface of the box (there 3 side for each box to track), export an AE corner pin for each side, and replace 3 side of the box with artwork.

The truth is, I spend more then an hour for each box (with un-perfect (and also un-finish) result). The track still shaking, especially on the edge or when changing side. I know there’s a perspective change that makes the track bad. I also using adjustrack and sometimes, adjustrack ruin all my works! Don’t know why, but It destroy my other corner pin. Its like resetting all keyframes that I made before.

But, can somebody assist, help, or suggest me tips or trick how to do this properly? Especially, how to use AdjustTrack correctly? Because, this problem always happen when I try to track product pack or something that spinning like this.</span></span>

I try to watch some tuts that Mocha provide and another vids on Youtube, but sorry to say that, on average, they’re using example shots that is very very very safe shot (i.e like only camera panning left to right, no perspective change, moving a lil bit, etc) makes me difficult to find the solution.

Herewith I provide some shots :

I’m very happy to receive any suggestion / thoughts / tutorial from all of you. Please help.



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since i cant edit my post, just want to add : How to re-adjust the corner of planar surface in mocha correctly?

If you are doing any key-framing before going into AdjustTrack, it sounds like you might not understand the relationship between the shape layer and the “surface”.


furst I would focus on the track and make sure perspective is enabled and increase % of pixels to 90%. Try to avoid the glare.

Next adjust track rack will be necessary as the mice is so fast and extreme perspective. Is it possible to share high quality clip, and we can do a tutorial?


Thank you for fast respond Ross

Shape layer that I made is only 1 keyframe. Just made 1 keyframe rectangle shape layer that represent 1 side, track it till finish, turn off Layer Outlines, and start looking at Planar Surface. I don’t really mind with shape layer as long as my Planar Surface is fine.

First, I tired to use manual track (Just refine Planar Surface corner). I saw this method on youtube. It going to fail because when I change 1 keyframe, the other Planar surface will change too.

Second, I change the tab into AdjustTrack tab and start to refine my planar surface’s corner. For some keyframes, AdjustTrack goes well. But sometimes, suddenly, I don’t know why, It destroying my other keyframe like i made a new entire planar surface instead of refining it.

Is there any method that I failed to follow? If yes, then please enlight me.

Unfortunately, glare happen when box comes to changing side (which is the main problem of my corner pin planar) So… I don’t really know how to avoid it.

Absolutely, I’d like to. Both clip that I share on #1 post is full hd (1080p). I got a jpeg sequence, render it to h264 full hd, and upload it to youtube.

Or, do you want me to upload it to google drive maybe? I can upload in original sequence if you want to.

Here’s the original sequence :