Please help Me about Solve Camera

Hi everyone,
I am learning, I have problem with solve camera, when I want to “copy to clipboard” in format for AE(text)

And I try many kind of solution but can not solve camera

even though i try with the logo insert and see the movement very well, but i can’t solve camera, I don’t know why :((

How can I fix it?
Thank you very much

You’re not able to solve the camera because, well, you’re did not tracked for the camera.

On the second screenshot, you’ve tracked the squirrel only, and it wont give any information about the camara, because camera can be calculated based on the perspective changes. More that that, I assume squirrel is moving. Any moving objects will introduce more error than help. Try to avoid them.

What you can try instead, is try tracking the the tree (as you do on third screenshot), then the other tree on the background., and also that metal part on the FG.