Please help me with rotoscope! ( starter )

Hello everyone, i am kinda new to mocha, and i try to learn stuff. But i’ve seen so many tutorials wich is kinda hard for me sometimes. especially if they going fast through it all, without me understand correctly whats going on, my main language isn’t english, so sometimes i will miss some important details…

At the moment i am trying to edit ( for training ) on some game footage… I try now for example to
rotoscope a character out, that is dancing… see image:

how do i do this… help please…

Hi there, you need to start by braking the character up paper doll style and working on individual shapes from there.

Have you read our rotoscoping basics section? Boris FX | Mocha® 2021 User Guide

Or checked out our official training here? Boris FX | Training Series

Check out the intro to masking, it should be pretty slow and evenly paced.

How to rotoscope is such a HUGE question to answer, so I would start there and see if you have more specific questions after you go through those learning materials.

Let me know if that helps, and best of luck.

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if this was a shot I was doing, I would capture it again, but make sure to keep the camera static and get a shot of the scene without the avatars. Then get them in place and dance. This way you’ll have a clean plate background that you could use as a difference matte to get most of the work done quickly, THEN use mocha to roto small easy sections, one by one, as Mary mentions with the links above as a clean up (and to fill any error holes), or clean up any bad edges.
(it might not work or help due to CG textures being used may cause issues with tracking, but it would be the first step I would try),
but overall, as Mary mentions, break it up into pieces to work section by section.