Please I need your answer

I feel it is stupid to post this here or even ask this kind of question but I am just desperate for an answer. I find fusion to be unreliable but I want to know from experienced users. Which is better for beauty work: silhouette or blackmagic fusion?

Thanks to those who answer in advance.

Since I work for Boris FX, I may offer a biased opinion.
Firstly, beauty work can be accomplished in most compositing packages…where various applications are stronger in various areas. I personally know many Flame, Nuke, and Silhouette artists that specialize in beauty work but have also seen very advanced shots done in After Effects. Certainly, there are effects shops that are all Fusion as well.

If comparing Silhouette to Fusion for beauty, the big differences will be in the paint system and the tracking. Silhouette’s raster auto-paint is quite unique for speed and reliability compared to vector-based paint. Many applications slow down when you build up many paint strokes. This does not really happen with Silhouette’s paint. And the interaction between paint, roto and tracking is very tightly integrated so you can accomplish quite a lot without building a massive node/tree.

For tracking, while Fusion does have a planar tracker, it is not as robust as the Mocha tracker in Silhouette, especially for tracking occluded areas or objects that have mo-blur or go off-screen. Silhouette also ships with the Mocha Pro plugin bringing PowerMesh tracking for organic, warped skin tracking.

Lastly, the InPaint filter in the newest Silhouette is a very nice tool for beauty. Boris FX | Logo Removal with Inpaint for Silhouette 2022

Hope this helps. Silhouette has a free 15day trial.


I think its a money / time question. As a VFX generalist I love fusion and mocha , although fusion does have a planar tracker the mocha tracker is more reliable and more versitile so I can get my job done quicker. I don’t think fusion native is quite enough and I’ve done a ton of shots that would not have been possible without mocha.

My work is spread across multiple tasks so I use a lot of different software so the one time payment for fusion leaves me with cash to spend on the rest of my pipeline. However if I did track and paint everyday I’d get Silhouette , because i honestly feel that fusion paint is somewhat limited.


It’s not either/or - I use both. Fusion is almost free.
There is a EXR saver built into the Resolve-Fusion tab - perfect for roundtrip.

BTW - have a look at Nuke Copycat, its a whole new dimension for beauty treatment. But that is a long subject…