Please release a standalone version of Particle Illusions!


Hi Boris FX.

I am writing this to ask you on bended knee, to please release a new, or updated version, of Particle Illusions. I was thrilled to bits at the news that you had acquired the license and were working on a new update, but the updated version is a plugin for other software packages. I don’t own any of the other software packages listed and none of them are cheap either, I’m a home hobbyist.

Particle Illusions 3.0.9, the latest version, is not stable! It is slow and unresponsive at times, it crashes, and something it just won’t launch at all and the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall it to get it working again.

Particle Illusions is a key tool in my creativity and it’s impossible to work with it long term in its current state. It was always a stand alone program and I would very much like to see it resurface as one. With the new year rolling in, I’m hoping you’ll remember legacy Particle Illusion users such as me who don’t have access to the expensive host software your new current version requires, and will see fit to release a new, updated, stand alone Particle Illusions.


Hi Paul,

I’m delighted to know that you enjoy working with Particle Illusion so much. We’ve put an enormous amount of engineering effort into rebuilding this product on 64 bit architecture with a modern user interface and will continue to follow this development path, bringing new tools and features into Particle Illusion.

Our goal is to resurrect and improve upon all of the features that were included with the old 32 bit version of the product. For instance, we’ve already integrated motion tracking driven by the powerful Mocha planar tracker that can be used in multiple ways and the PicelChooser matte and masking system which also includes Mocha masking and tracking.

In the current retail Continuum 2019 release, Particle Illusion is offered as both a plug-in and standalone, although rendering at this point in time is limited to working within a supported host. We’re currently working on a render engine for the standalone version and once we have that ready, along with some of the other features that we’re actively working on, you should have all of the features that you used to have in the old version of Particle Illusion along with many other new and exciting features and performance improvements.

I hope this information helps your understanding of where we are with regard to the development of the Particle Illusion product. It’s an amazingly powerful system and we’re 100 precent committed to making it even better with each new release.



Hi Peter.

Thanks very much for this detailed reply and update on Particle Illusions. I love seeing such commitment to improving the software and I do fully support this. Also very excited to hear you’re working on a render engine for the standalone version. Rest assured, if and when this arrives, you will have a sale here straight away because I love Particle Illusions and will very much welcome upgrading it the first chance I get!!

Thanks again, much appreciated!!