Please stop sending me notifications


Hello, Good Morning,

I am tired of deleting emails from BorisFx forums on a daily basis. I tried to unsubscribe, i used all the check boxes on this forum to not receive emails for discussions i don’t care about. I ofcourse would like to receive notifications on posts I participate in but not anything else. I dont know if the the new european GDPR rules can stop this but it’s certainly annoying.

Please do something about this.


lol i just received this too created an outlook rule…


Ditto, ask one question over am month go and now all i get is 100’s of emailsl!!!

Want to add to spam but then wont get responses should I actually ask a question


Lol! You are already in it.


Everyone’s in the same boat. For some reason, this forum software doesn’t allow the options that most others do.

What I did was go in the settings and uncheck everything I do NOT want to receive. It’s a little more work, but you only need to do it once. I have Mocha Pro and now I don’t get e-mail about Hitman and Continuum, etc.

If this forum would offer the ability to just receive notifications about topics I have created or have posted, that would be good. Also have the ability to receive a daily digest that contains all the e-mails in one, then we can scan thema ll at once and click on the ones that are of interest.


Do you speak Spanish?


What is your notification setting in the top right of the forum set to?