Plug up small holes/gaps between roto shapes


Is there any node or quick way to make sure small holes/gaps in between shapes also get roto’d out, if I notice my shapes don’t fully overlap in certain frames? Currently I’m just visually checking/correcting frame by frame to make sure all theres no unwanted gaps in the composite shape.


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@persyst Unfortunately, no. It is a good idea though.


Ok glad I asked. Thanks @marco for letting me know. Yea that would be a great feature down the road!! especially for something like this project I’m on, where there’s a lot of changes to watch for just in the edge movement of my roto subject, so I have a lot of little shapes to account for those moves, but then there’s the common/overlap area of all the shapes, that I wish I didn’t have to pay attention to also, but I still do, just to make sure it’s still fully covered in the roto.