Plugin/effect Requests

Some effects/plugins I would like to see added based on today’s workflow:

  1. VCR: Similar to Video Glitch or Broken TV, but specifically the noise patterns associated with bad tracking on a VCR, FFD on a VCR, etc. This might become an extension/preset for Video Glitch.

  2. Blink (or Flash or Strobe or whatever) that I can apply to a video and have it fade/blink/flash in/out at regular intervals. Yes, this can be accomplished by slicing a clip up and manually applying fade envelopes, or by adding a brightness (or whatever) control and keyframing it, but that takes time. I want “go on/off at 2 second intervals over the length of this clip” and DONE.

Vegas 17, BTW.

FYI (and I do love Boris), there are a few other tools you can use to automate what you’re looking to do in Vegas 17… thought I’d share.

  1. For the VCR/glitch effect
    a. Boris Continuum already has an effect called “BCC Damanged TV” – I think this is what you’re looking for :slight_smile:
    b. Vegas has an effect called “TV Simulator”

  2. For the Blink/Strobe effect
    a. Vegasaur has a “Strobe Light” effect
    b. Excaliber has a Video Effect called “Strobe Light” and also “Sssstuttering Video” both of which might be interesting to you

The TV Simulator / Damaged TV effects don’t quite capture the same effect as a VCR tape artifact. They are close, but not quite the same thing.

Vegasaur/Excaliber - are those paid products? I’d prefer to see more stuff added to the thing I bought than to have to pay yet another plugin supplier.

Ya… Vegasaur/Excaliber are inexpensive, but not free.

I wouldn’t necessarily get either just for that single effect, but as an add-on toolset, each of those has paid for itself a thousand-times over for me over the years. Excaliber had/has a superior multi-cam workflow long before Vegas even had such support, and Vegasaur’s ability to copy/paste attributes long before V17 added similar (but subset) functionality. May be worth looking at them just because they’re awesome (and happen to also fulfill that strobe effect you’re seeking)