Plugin Not Working Properly with Adjustment Layers

I’ve been having an issue since this morning when applying any effect to an Adjustment Layer. Keyframes no longer work and it messes with the position of the clip. Plugin effects work fine when placed onto the clip itself but not on Adjustment Layers anymore.

I’ve reinstalled Sapphire and Premiere Pro as well as downgrading versions with the same result.

(Applied effects being used are S_Shake & S_Vignette)

Hi, zrteh,

Unfortunately this is a Premiere host bug that affects many different products and is not specific to Sapphire, so the fix needs to come from Adobe. We’ve recently re-raised the issue with Adobe, but you might want to file a bug with the Adobe Premiere as well.



Still no news about the premiere pro adjustment layer bug? - did a simple value animation using s_glow plugin with out any change of the value over time. major bug.

Best regards,
Jakob Eriksen

This is a bug with Adobe Premiere itself and is not caused by anything we’re doing on our side. We’ve raised the issue with Adobe, but it is not yet resolved. Please raise this with Adobe directly since the more user reports they see, the more likely they are to escalate the issue.


Yes please fix this issue ASAP. Not understanding why the 2019 version of Sapphire s_shake is working with adjustment layers in Premiere Pro but your most recent version is not. Not sure how that can be a Premiere Pro issue if your older version works with it well? Please correct me here.

Anyway, there needs to be a fix on both parties end.