Plugin "Project" location?

After Effects keeps crashing before I can get back to it after closing the Mocha5 plugin. This means I lose all of my work in the plugin and have to redo it. It is pretty awful.


Is there a location where the plugin saves a “project” so that I can reload it? That means, I would open Ae back up, reset the plugin, open the plugin, and then open the cached project somewhere?



Hi there,

We are working on an auto save solution. Your best bet workaround right now is to allocate more resources to AE so that it is less likely to crash and also to export your mocha files from file>export to save backups.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure how many more resources I can assign. I have 48GB of RAM, 10 of 12 cores, over 12TBs of fast fibre channel storage for caches. It seems like that should be plenty? Are there specific settings I should check? I have to hit save before I quit Mocha and go back to Ae. Where is that info saved? I can’t export a project due to the MXF and other limitations detailed in previous posts (the project opens with “offline” footage and can’t be relinked).

Yeah, sounds like your resources are fine. When you export the file, it just saves as a mocha file. You can import this into the plugin if it crashes. You will have to pick a place to export it to. As to where that export file saves, that’s wherever you want it. In your comp though it saves as part of the comp. So if the comp crashes and you lose data, you also lose the mocha file. We are working on a solution, like I said, but for now… go to file>export periodically and if it crashes again, simply load your previous exported file in.

Thank you, I’ll try it. At the end of the day today I was doing a few things, saving and quitting, then saving back in Ae, then relaunching the plugin, do a few more things, save and quit, save in Ae, relaunch plugin, etc. I’ll make a habit of exporting a project now.