PlugIn Weirdness

The Mocha pro plugin often stays black back in Ae after closing it.


I have to double click on a few different movies from the project window which seems to refresh some sort of cache.


I also get this error a bit:

I can’t seem to recover from it, and I have to reset all the tracks and surfaces and start over. When I get this error, the screen also goes black when hitting the “render” checkbox for rendering an insert or stabilize in the “module Renders” category.



I think I have figured some of this out. I send met timelines from an NLE to After Effects from an NLE via XML.


If there is scaling done on the clips, then Mocha seems to freak out. if I pre comp the clips at the native clip size, do the tracking, then add the scaling back to the parent comp, things seem to work better.


I wish I could use the stand alone version with MXF. The plugin is cool, but harder to use.

I am.pretty sure this is a bug youre running into.

Can you email a step by step to repeat this error to and along with your mocha version, ae version, and the program you’re exporting from as well as your system profile? We will be able to log this as a bug.

Thank you!