Poblem with licening

After the realese of the FPX version of BCC 2019 I dowloaded the first release, there was no Activation key included so I put in the one which I have (Version 11) and it worked. I even updated to 12.03 al was OK.
But tyesterday I am using Boris Cont. and I suddenly say I have to put in my licences because of a trial mode, I put the number in again and it is saying that the max number has reached and I have to unstall in from another machine ? (Which is this machine)
I use from Programs the Deactivate Continuum License and then Activate Continuum License but with same result.

The only thing what I did was update to macOS 14.5 (with supplement for my 2018 MBP)

What to do?

I am from the Netehrlands and perhaps a few text errors

For licensing problems like this, please open a case with our Support team:

Updating the MacOS shouldn’t normally trigger a need to reactivate licensing, but Support will be able to get you up and running again.

I’ve forwarded your message onto our support group - someone from that team will reach out to assist you with this issue.



Hello Sjoerd,

Quickly, can you relay me your BCC License information to support@borisfx.com (attention: Jon)? Likely your License just needs to be Reset, but it would be best if you gave me the License Key via Email rather than onto a public forum such as this.

Thank you.

Ok with help from support desk, Zachariah Lewis, it worked. Still strange that I have to put in my number from version 11, with other version I did get a new one.

And did install directly version 12.04

Well Thanks for the help

@jonk_deea7 Im having the same issue, can you possibly help me out? was talking to support earlier, told them I tried all the steps and may need to have it done manually but haven’t heard anything back yet. may be too late in day