Point Release: Mocha Pro 2021 (8.01)

Mocha Pro 2021.01 is now available. This is a maintenance release with several new features, performance improvements, and defect fixes. The 2020.01 release is a free update for all Mocha Pro 2021 license owners and subscribers.

View the release notes for full details.


Mocha Pro 2021 v8.0.1:

  • Launch as Mocha Pro from After Effects: Customers with a valid Mocha Peo 2021 license can launch Mocha Pro 2021 instead of Mocha AE when choosing Track in Boris FX Mocha from the After effects animation menu. Set in preferences.

  • Project File Optimization. Dense PowerMesh projects will now load and save faster.

  • Insert Module: Pre-multiply options for Insert module: New check box to the Insert module to specify whether an insert clip alpha should be pre-multiplied to help reduce fringing on insert renders.

  • PowerMesh: Mesh regeneration warnings: Mocha now shows a warning message box if regeneration of mesh will destroy existing mesh tracking keys.

  • Daily Tips in Welcome Screen: Daily tips now have clickable links when a URL is in the tip.

  • Silhouette Project Import: To avoid confusion, we’ve renamed the Silhouette project import menu Import shapes option to “Import SFX Shapes”.


  • Adobe After Effects: Fixed offset issue when working with trimmed source layers in AE comp.

  • Flame: Fixed Gmask Tracer keyframe issues.

  • Alembic: Fixed multiple Alembif offset and ref frame issues.

  • Avid Media Composer: Fixed issue where Mocha UI was hidden by Avid interface.

  • OFX: Fixed license activation issue when activating from within the Mocha user interface.