Point track smoothing, doesn't

After getting a decent track I thought I’d see what smoothing would do for me.

I click the smooth button and a slider appears.

I move the slider and can’t see anything happening to the track data even after moving the control all the way to the right.

I let go of the slider control and the slider disappears.

I click Smooth and the process seems to start from the beginning.

Is there some threshold that would keep the smoothing control from working?

fwiw, I’m doing this in a Power Matte node if that makes a difference.
Silhouette 2020.5 build 20200611.0

@michaelh Track Smoothing is working. You can smooth either a Point Tracker or a Layer with tracking data applied to it. Select either a Point Tracker or Layer and zoom into the path points for the selected object. When you adjust Smooth, you will see the points adjusting.

Before Smoothing

After Smoothing

@marco thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the noise, I think I must have been looking closely at a track that I’d already smoothed. I’d kind of expected that the original track was still available but it’s clear that smooth is a destructive process.

That’s correct, Smooth is a destructive process.