Points on preview screen in Vegas too small or wrong colour

Hi, can a make a request or is there something i can change?
the points that are on the screen in some of the fx, Lens flare is similar & some others, are too small or the wrong colour, is it poss to make them more visible. sometimes i have to go in to the Sample point box & move the little X just to find it on screen.

I can’t really promise that anything can be done about that but I’ll add that as a feature request and discuss it with engineering. Thanks for mentioning this.

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Thanks :+1:
Just thought, it’s prob a Vegas thing not Boris Doh! :man_facepalming::blush:

…Yep just had a look at a Vegas effect & it’s the same tiny +
Sorry I thought it was controlled by the fx but it’s not, it’s a Vegas program thing :+1:

Yep, Jason (head of engineering) just let me know that this is 100% on the host side of things. Perhaps you can reach out to the Vegas team to see if they can improve the user experience with on-screen controls.

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