Poor Error Message

I was just customizing a title in Continuum Title Studio when I got a popup ‘Continuum - These values are not valid for this version.’ Problem is, it’s a modal popup, so there is no way of getting rid of it. Clicking ‘OK’ just made it popup right back. Had no choice but to Force Quit Media Composer all the way and lose un-saved changes. Seems like this error should be handled more gracefully.

Hi, Jan,

We have not yet been able to reproduce this. Do recall any specifics about what you were doing when the error appeared? Have you seen this error more than once? Were you still inside the Title Studio UI or had you closed the UI? Also what version of Continuum and Media Composer were you using?


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the follow-up. I was still inside Title Studio. I had just loaded a preset from the library, switched to advanced mode and was scrubbing through the timeline in advanced mode to understand how the animation was constructed and if I could adapt it to my needs. It was when the cursor hit a certain point in the timeline that it must have hit some in-between value that triggered it. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot at the time. So far that was the only time I encountered that. If it happens again I will make sure to grab a screenshot so I know which tool in the advanced stack I was on and what the preset was.


Thanks for the additional details, Jan. We’ll see what we can discover, and if you do see this again, a screenshot would indeed be great.


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Just happened again. I was editing in MC, wanted to make a change in an existing title, launched Title Studio in advanced mode and started scrubbing the timeline to see how the keyframes landed after I had stretched the runtime of the effect in the MC timeline. Screenshot attached.

A pretty straight forward hand-built title that flips through some text. This title has been fine for a few days editing and rendering it without problems.

Thanks, Jan! We’ll investigate and let you know what we learn.

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Hi Jan, out of curiosity, you mentioned that you loaded a preset from the library. Which preset was that, and how long was the clip in question?

Hi Vincent,

The first time it happened it was a preset. Sorry, don’t remember which one since I didn’t save a screenshot. The second time it was a new title built from scratch. Both were in Advanced mode.

The second time it happened, that title was about 35s long and I had done a trim of the filler effect in MC to stretch it to 45s, then enter Title Studio in advanced mode to see what the trim operation did do the keyframes, and I had literally just started scrubbing from the beginning to the point you see in the screen shot you see when it failed. It may be something where keyframes get moved and interpolated values are out of range? Once I force quit MC and opened it up from scratch the title behaved fine and is good now without further change. So it’s definitely a transient state that goes away with a full reload.

Of course on the force quite you lose anything unsaved, so for the time being I hit save a lot more often…

Hope this helps. Are there any log files that may provide a hint?

Hi Jan, I attempted to reproduce the error but didn’t have any luck. Typically speaking the error your seeing is when there’s a mismatch between versions. for example if you’re trying to open a project created in 12.0, in 11.0. However based on what you’re saying, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is it possible to send a sample project that shows the error, I may be able to determine what’s causing that.

Or, possibly, if you have a reproducible instance of the issue, a screen video might be helpful as well.

Out of curiosity, what are your system specs? And have you previously encountered this issue with Title Studio before? (for example did you recently upgrade or make changes that could have resulted in a mismatch that is causing the error?)

I’ll see if I can find a sequence that’s reproducible. Would you need a whole Avid bin, or would saving this title as a .blu file be sufficient? The latter would be a lot simpler.

Your comments about system versions make sense. But I haven’t updated anything between creating these titles and the errors.

This system is a MacPro running High Sierra. MC is 2018.3 and I ran an update to BorisFX just after NAB so it should be more or less the latest.