Portrait pic screen edge blur

Hi, did i see an fx in one your videos that does this edge screen type thing for portrait clips?

Yes, you most certainly did! It’s called BCC Reframer. Please give it a shot and let us know your thoughts on the user experience and any way we might be able to improve upon that.


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Thankyou, i try to film in landscape all the time but using a phone it occasionally comes out in portrait mode, I think filling in the edges is better for visual fluidity rather than just being black.
I’ll let you know, Ta :+1::+1:

Just had a quick play with it,
It works well but has to be applied at the Track fx not on an individual item fx on the timeline?

This is it when added directly to a single event on the timeline. nothing

Some interesting effects on the transform tools :+1:, this is when it’s on the event itself, i’ve shifted the pic using the little +'s on the screen & added an edge blur/blend

Checkout the workflow details specific to Vegas in the docs page for BCC Reframer. About half way down the page there is a workflow section specific to Vegas under the section called " Workflow For Vegas Pro Users".


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:+1::+1: Thanks that works :blush: It makes the pic smaller initially, this one of the woman is only 900 x 1362 & the project is 3840 x 2160 but the transform tools in Reframer let me scale back up the pic :+1:

For the landscape panorama pic, i couldn’t ‘Set the main Width and Height parameters in the Pan/Crop controls’
that didn’t work very well because the pic is larger than my project but all i had to do was turn off Maintain Aspect ratio in Pan/Crop & adjust/scale the foreground & background in Reframer, very simple :+1:
Thankyou both for your help :+1: