Possible overwriting footage?

question, i have complete panoramas and separate cameras that i need to give to compositors and when i finish the reorient, i want to export the pano and the separate cameras without having to retrack and reorient my footage, is it possible to overwrite the current footage on my mocha pro project without affecting the tracking and reorients i’ve already done to the pano footage? if so, how?

Really the only way to do this is to send them the project with the original footage. You don’t have to render the new pano out that way, but eventually it will have to be rendered out.

If you’re using the plugin, send them the project with the plugin applied, depending on the host.

You can’t overwrite your footage without changing how the data is applied.

Does that make sense?

good news, i found it, technically, IT IS possible
before i tracked, i imported the footage with the attributes of the pano and i began tracking the pano, after i finished reorienting, i selected the camera via the input footage and then the selected layer and it overwrrote the the footage without affecting the work i did, i’m so happy right now :smiley: now i can finally finish the job with the compositors

unfortunately, now i get an error message when i try to re-render my reorient!
why is it illegal, just let me finish the job :cry:

Maybe try resetting and realigning the reorient?

didn’t work