Possible to center selection on 2nd viewer?


I’ve got my main viewer following my roto spline shape when I’m positioning it, which is great. I have a second viewer up on a second screen so that I can see the roto outline on my main screen and alpha overlay on the other. I can’t get the second viewer to follow the shape using the same command ctrl/command F. Am I missing something or is that not currently supported? Would definitely be handy if it isn’t.



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@samcpbarnes_d404d Multiple viewers from the same node have the option of being synchronized in
terms of zoom and pan using the Use Viewer > Synchronize Viewers preference. Synchronization is one way from the main viewer to the additional viewers.

@marco thanks. Where do I find that preference? I’m looking in the viewer preferences menu (under file-preferences) and don’t see an option to synchronize there. I’m using 2020.3.

This feature was added in 2020.5.1.

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Thanks, I’ll update!