Possible to change lifetime of spline?

Hi, new Silhouette user here. Is there any way of setting a lifetime for a specific spline within a roto shape (as with Nuke for instance) e.g. for instance where a certain shape is only needed for a few frames like a fold in clothing. I’ve had a look through the user manual and couldn’t see any mention of this, am I missing something?

Set three opacity keys - 0 at the beginning, 100 where you want the shape to appear, and 0 again where you want it gone. Opacity defaults to hold interpolation so the shape won’t fade in/out.

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Ok, thanks Paul!

Thanks Paul, that is working for me in turning off the effect of the roto shape, but I’m wondering if there is a way of also turning off the visibility of an individual spline in the viewer when it isn’t in use, e.g. for when they aren’t in is use for the whole duration of the sequence.

I’ve got multiple shapes here that I’m switching out for the creases in the jeans and my interface is getting messy (in know that I can turn of visiblilty per spline in the object list, but then I run the risk of forgetting that I’ve already got a roto shape for a particular part of the FG.)

Yes, in preferences, enable Shape → Fade Outline with Opacity
For unselected shapes, it won’t show outlines if they have 0 opacity.

Perfect, thanks!