Potential Bug: S_BlurMotion OFX Flame 2021.2.1

Hello! I ran into a strange one today and I want to see if maybe I’m missing something or if I’ve stumbled upon a bug. We have the luxury of having both the old Sapphire Sparks as well as the OFX Sapphire Sparks here in Flame 2021.2.1.

When using S_BlurMotion, I noticed that the sliders for “To / From Shift X” and “To / From Shift Y” do not do anything. Rotate and Z Distance works, but X & Y do absolutely nothing. To see if I was crazy I popped on a Sapphire node (not OFX) of the same effect and all of the sliders worked as intended.

Using Sapphire 2021.01

and here are my specs:

HP Z8 G4
Centos 7.6 (1810)
Quadro P6000
Flame 2021.2.1

The default slider sensitivity is too low for some parameters in Flame OFX. It can be boosted by adding the following at line 170 of /usr/genarts/SapphireOFX/s_config.text with a text editor:

normalize_scale_param_step_factor:Flame: 500

Not sure if that will perform exactly the same as sparks, but it should be close.

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Wow! Thanks a ton for the insight, @dstoops . That’s definitely it. Huge help!