Power Mesh and Alembic/Fbx to Maya/Nuke issue

When exporting alembic or fbx files to nuke or maya it keeps failing . The following issue below keep showing up.

Using Maya 2022 , Mocha Pro 2022 , Nuke 12.5

*The mesh data works for a while then just stops responding . Everything else in nuke works.

*When imporitng alembic into maya nothing come in . In order to see something, i must write geo out of nuke for anything to show up .

Could it be an Alembic/EBX version issue ?

Importing Alembic Meshes to Nuke. Nuke imports Alembic via the “ReadGeo” node.

  • Import your source footage to the nuke project
  • Create a ReadGeo node
  • Open the exported Alembic file via ReadGeo’s file browser
  • Change the import parameters if necessary
  • ReadGeo will then ask how you want to set up the camera and geometry nodes.
  • You can use the ReadGeo in combination with the Scanline Renderer node to composite warped textures over the top of the original footage:
  • Create a Scanline Renderer node in the node graph
  • Feed in the ReadGeo, Camera and Source image into the inputs of the Scanline Renderer node. If you view the node, the mesh should now be correctly projected over the top.
  • Add an image or material to the ‘img’ input of the ReadGeo node. This will then project the texture onto the Mesh.
  • Scrubbing the timeline should show the texture warping to the mesh faces over time.

In Maya your workflow should look something like:

  • Importing the alembic file
  • viewing the mesh through the camera
  • Create a new Background object
  • Assign a new basic material and assign a material
  • Import your source footage to the material as a texture

But it has been a long time since I did anything in Maya so don’t quote that exactly. What version are you exporting for Maya? Anything you’d export for Cinema 4D for example should come into Maya, I would think.

Let me know if that is still causing issues when you follow those instructions?

The power mesh alembic is now working in Nuke thank you . Maya 2022 however keeps on crashing when I import power mesh alembic file. Note that alembic from houdini works just fine in maya . I not sure what the issues between Mocha alembic and maya 2022/2020 is . Maya script editor spat out this error " PowerMEshPlateDCam.abc is not a valid Alembic file // " .

Can you send us the file, please? Preferably with the Mocha project as well so we can compare. Footage will not be necessary.

I am having the same issue. Maya crashes whenever I import an abc from Mocha.

As a workaround, I can open it in Nuke and then export an ABC which works in Maya. That’s not a very elegant solution though.

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I will send hopefully later today .