Power Mesh in Resolve

I just upgraded to Mocha Pro 2022. I edit and grade all of my footage in DaVinci Resolve. At the moment, I am unable to use Mocha Pro in Fusion inside of Resolve. Although I can add Mocha to a layer on the Edit page of Resolve.

My concern at the moment, is that I want to use Power Mesh to track aged faces to actors. I haven’t found any tutorials online on how to do this within Resolve. And since MP2022 isn’t working inside Fusion/Resolve at the moment, I have to look around for help.

Can anyone point me to a Power Mesh tutorial for Resolve for tracking?

Thanks in advance.

We don’t have one for Resolve right now. There may be one for the Fusion page within Resolve, if you are interested in that. Otherwise, you may want to consider using Mocha Pro with the insert module and rendering the insert you create and putting that back into Resolve as a workaround.