Power mesh in silhouette

Can the new power mesh be used inside of silhouette using the mocha pro plugin?

Not exactly, but… To use PowerMesh with Silhouette you need to have a license of Mocha Pro OFX and run it inside Silhouette. You can apply the Mocha node for mesh tracking and either channel a stabilized comp OR apply the warping to a layer with alpha.

If you want to use it with Silhouette Paint you will need to apply a Mocha Pro plugin, stabilize based on mesh data, and apply Silhouette Paint on top of that (then warp the paint back on top of the original shot using the same Mocha Pro data).


Hi Mary, Im trying to attach PowerMesh data to my Silhouette Paint. Ive got the area stabilized, masked and painted but Im stuck applying the paint to the stabilized area correctly. Im doing a face and have eye holes cut out of the mesh. The head is looking down then looks up at the camera. When I pre-comp and “flip the warp” the cutouts cut through the paint area. I could do the track without the eyes cutout or use occlusion masks on the eyes if it messed it up. Thoughts? Its there a way to leave only the paint on?

In looking at it more it looks like the face lower and then slides up into place. So it starts wrong and ends right - this is why the cutouts slide across the face

Aligned surface, and turned on brush mask in silhouette paint. I think I have the paint aligned now but the eye cutouts still clip the paint layer.

Remove the eye cut outs on that layer. Now that you’ve tracked them you don’t need to cut them out in the stabilize. You can always duplicate that layer to keep the roto if you need to apply it to the destabilize further down the node tree.