Power Mesh Not Working - Help Pleeeease!


Hopefully some smart mind out there can help me?

I’ve been trying (for more than five hours) to get Power Mesh to work and have finally given up. Followed multiple tutorials to the letter but it refuses to have any effect whatsoever. The steps seem fairly straight forward and I just can’t see what I might be missing. Perhaps someone can detect what I’m doing wrong? (before my brain explodes in frustration)

I am trying to put a tattoo on someone’s face. Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. From AE, I load the footage into Mocha Pro.
  2. I use an X-spline to select around the subject’s face and in the Track module I select Translation, Scale, Rotation, Shear and Mesh.
  3. I set the Generation Mode to Uniform and click the Generate Mesh button and then Track Forward.
  4. I return the playhead to the beginning of the shot, hit the Show Planar Surface button and then the Expand Planar Surface button to fill the entire frame.
  5. In the Stabilize module I turn Mesh Warp on and make sure Unwarp and High are active.
  6. I Save Project and Quit Mocha Pro to go back to After Effects.
  7. On the first frame, I place the tattoo artwork above the footage layer and line it up. Then Precomp it with Move all attributes into the new composition selected.
  8. I copy the Mocha Pro effect from the original footage to the Precomp.
  9. In this new Mocha Pro effect I go to the Module Renders section and change the Module from Lens: Undistort to Stabilize: Warp. Set Warp Quality to High and tick the Render box.

At this point, in every tutorial I’ve watched the Precomp now magically moves along with the footage. But for me, it just sits in place - every single time! No movement at all.

I am completely stumped by this. Everything I’ve tried has failed. Hopefully, someone can help as Power Mesh seems so amazingly awesome and I’m pining to use it properly.



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I’m replying to my own message to save any helpful souls from wasting their time.

I searched these forums for the problem and found some other people had experienced similar issues in the past. The solution is so simple:

If your footage is longer than is apparent in the Timeline you must Precomp it BEFORE you apply the Mocha Pro effect. Otherwise when you send the data back from Mocha Pro to After Effects, after tracking, it gets ‘lost’ as to where to apply it.

In my defence, not one tutorial I watched mentioned this - promise! :pray: Hopefully, this might help anyone that gets caught out by a similar problem.



Thanks for responding Alex. This is very helpful.

And you’re right, that is the exact problem. Because After Effects treats clips of different length in the timeline differently, it’s easy to get the tracked information offset. Mocha can only assume what you’ve given it is the correct frames as we can’t detect a change in frames.
We’re currently working on a tutorial to cover this exact problem.

Another potential issue is when After Effects decides that a Precomped clip is literally cut off from that starting frame, which means any frames padded to the original clip length are lost. This can also cause offset issues. We’re investigating ways to make this easier for users in later updates.

bro, I love you. You’re a genius.
It took me literally 2 days and I just started to give up.