Power Mesh Not Working In After Effects

I have version Version 9.5.5 build 35.g1757133c650f
Build Date Nov 17 2022
and i have a trimmed clip in After Effects 2023.
I had it working in my project on other clips…But
now, this doesnt work, so i precomp’ed the clip and ran mocha on it.
I copied the mocha pro to the insert clip and nothing
So i precomp’ed the insert clip and nothing.
I feel the same way…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt and i can’t figure out rhyme or reason, except that i’m running out of time on my project. This is killing me!

UPDATE…ok so this time i tried using the Stabalize > Framelist and putting it on the first frame…which in my case, is frame # 1719. Back in my comp, the first frame is 1719 and placed the mocha pro module onto the insert comp. Nothing. still doesnt work. I am at a loss. So the precomp thing does NOT work in 9.5.5.
Please help!


I actually have gotten this to work all the time now. I’m still in AE 2022 though, but I take the clip that I need to use the mesh warp on and trim it to the parts I need it, duplicate it and then precomp that duplicated layer. I also make the precomp settings to “adjust time to new timeline.” I then apply the mocha mesh warp to that precomped layer and then apply whatever image I am using for the mesh warp to the first frame of the clip that’s inside the precomp, which sounds like you’re already doing that. But for me that has been working. After you run the mesh warp in mocha do you go back to the first frame, and then stabilize it, and then save it? I know that was something I was missing before and that seemed to also help solve the issue. Hopefully this helps!

hey Boomerm!
Thanks for responding.
So here is what im doing…i’ve got a long project and duplicated the main footage, put in and out points on the timeline, then precomp’ed it. So it’s a layer comp on my timeline that’s a layer above the footage. For Ex: if my timeline is 1 - 2000, this this precomp was made at frames 1600-1800. that’s just an example. Lets call that precom “Scene4”. and i double checked…when i made the comp “adjust composition to the time span…” is checked ON

then i go into Scene4, and the starting frame is 1600. I duplicate the footage clip, and put mocha pro on it, track it, then tried to apply the mesh track to my insert…which in this case, is just a shape layer for testing.
Didn’t work.

back inside Scene 4…i took the duplicated footage clip, deleted mocha pro, precomp’ed it, called it Scene4F-Track. Then i put the mocha pro effect on it, launched mocha, mesh, track, etc. Then i tried to apply the mesh track mocha to the insert layer.
Didn’t work.

So i tried precoping the insert layer…didin’t work.

And to answer your other questions…as soon as i track the mesh, i go to the first frame in mocha, and expand the track to the full frame, then go to stabilze and turn on the mesh warp and high, then save.

What am i missing here?

QUESTION…when you create the precomp…are you trimming the precomp to the work area when you go in it? I’ve been doing that because i didnt want to work with a huge timeline…
Could that be the problem?


yeah sheesh how annoying, sorry to hear that. So for clarification, are you duplicating the footage, precomping it and then going into that footage and doing mocha there? Cause what I do is duplicate the footage, precomp and then apply mocha and do the mesh warp on the precomp layer, not the footage that’s in the layer if that makes sense? So for example if my main comp has the main footage and the duplicated precomp layer, I am still working in the main comp composition, and not the precomped composition.

I am starting to see the problem, i think.
I am working IN the precomp, because I have several scenes in the footage that I’m working on, so i made precomps for each of the scenes i need to do visual effects. Otherwise my timeline would be insane.

But what i realized, is that the first scene that i precomp’ed, I did not trim the precomp to the in/out points (work area), and the mocha mesh worked fine. In the scene im working in now, i DID “trimmed the comp to the work area”, then the mocha mess did not work. I thought maybe it was the frame start number, so i set it to 0, but that didnt work.
And if i tried to set the workspace back to 0-2037, it created a huge mess inside my precomp.
Not sure what exactly to do at this point. I guess this is a ‘feature’ of mocha mesh.

Also…with the clip in the precomp, i tried to precomp it again, and run mocha on it, but it doesnt work. Maybe someone at BorisFX will chime in a with a fix???

Fingers crossed.

Yeah weird. Would you be up to doing a screen record? You could always email to me directly instead of posting here and I could try and take a look, if you feel comfortable. If not, this guy’s tutorial on power mesh helped me out.


Specifically around the 13 minute mark

Hey Boomerm
I wish i could, but i’m working on an NDA.
If i get time, I’ll try to mock something up to test it.
I am wondering if Borisfx can confirm that working INSIDE a precomp that’s trimmed to the workspace causes an issue with the mesh, because that’s what I’m seeing.
If there was a way to slide the data over, that might help.

Thanks for the video, but he’s working inside the main comp and i’m not having an issue with the mocha plugin there.


Well somehow, i got it to work!
One thing i did discover, that I had to click on “continuous rastarize” to get it work.
Totally weird!
But the precomp worked!
i have no idea why it just started working but at least i can go forward now!!!

Hi there

Using the precomp is the recommended workflow, you can check the User Guide, specifically the " Unwarp/Rewarp Workflow in After Effects" section

You might have a problem due to frame offset, or resolution mismatch. Really hard to identify where the problem is, not seeing the project. If you can reproduce it and send me a dummy project (you can do that in DM privately) i can have a look.

This workflow issue happened to me on just one of my clips, and I noticed I had been rendering out VFX pulls due to time remaps, and those worked fine. The trimmed clips are the issue, as well as working with the stabilize warp/unwarp method in the render module. The workaround is to re-track the precomposed clip that is only the length you need or use the render module to render your insert over alpha. The only issue is that the render cut-out option is more burdensome on the render time (CPU/GPU) than the warp/unwarp method. We are talking about a 75% time cut using the old method. I hope the render cut out option gets optimized. I am currently on the M1 Ultra Studio.

Yes, we’d like to GPU accelerate the Insert module in the future, as you’re right, the speed is noticeably different. Having said that, the stabilize module is also not GPU accelerated yet, it’s just a faster processing module.

What we would prefer is a consistent frame-clipping option in After Effects when pre-composing or trimming layers so this frame offset problem doesn’t occur. We’ve considered adding a frame offset option in the plugin itself, but it adds another layer of complexity to what should be a straightforward back-and-forth operation.

The solution is still just to pre-comp everything in AE before tracking when using the stabilize warp.