Power Mesh on a track marked backlight fabric

Hello! I need Help.

I am looking for a solution how to use Power Mesh on a footage, where a backlight fabric
is been pulled out of a frame. It’s almost like a page turn.
I already watched tutorial videos and tried everything, but in vain. The tracking does not work.
Is it even possible using powermesh on a footage like this? Maybe someone can help me.

Well, I’d try going ahead and cranking the values up for the white cloth and getting rod of as much shadow as possible, you already have very little texture for Mocha to track there. Keep the grid larger and hand animate to correct any drift. Understand too that at a certain point the cloth will occlude itself and needs a holdout mask. The underside of the cloth is another matter, and will have to be another track entirely. You can probably do this shot, but you’re looking at lots of hand animation and you have to do something about those shadows for a decent powermesh track.

Especially the edges of the cloth where they bunch, that’s a real problem area that might not be possible without hand animation.

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