Power Mesh requires AE?

If I wanna put some picture or logo on a surface I have to use AE or something with the MOCHA plugin? I can’t find a single tutorial where I can do it in a standalone Mocha. It’s not possible?

To use PowerMesh, best results will be with the most recent Mocha Pro plugin.

In standalone Mocha Pro, if you need to put something on an object, you would use the insert module usually, though sometimes if you need lighting changes you can use the remove module as well but it’s not as straightforward as the insert module. What version of Mocha Pro are you using? PowerMesh does not yet work inside the insert module.

In the Mocha for AE plugin you’d use a corner pin usually.

I need more details as to what you are trying to do to advise more.

That’s the thing I wanna do. But all tutorials I see is you need to use AE to start and finish up the job. It’s not possible to do it all in Standalone Mocha?

You really need to do more compositing to do this than Mocha can easily do. You could render out a frame with the warp on it but you’d still need to composite the frame onto the body, that means roto and compositing. You could make a rendered PowerMesh and then use insert to composite that render with Mocha Pro roto and no tracking data since it would be a render, but at that point you’re going to be making two or three renders for your final render, it’s a very complex and destructive workflow without using a true complex compositing tool. Could you do it entirely in Mocha Pro standalone? Probably. Should you? Probably not.

Got you, Mary. Going for AE + Mocha then.
Strange you can’t do it in Mocha alone. Kinda weird. No expert at all haha so I don’t know all ins and outs of that. I suppose this AE + Mocha is for the best.

The same goes for Roto right?

Eventually we’d like the subplanar PowerMesh data used across the board, but currently stabilized workflow is our main method and alembic exports. That’s why there’s currently a limitation.