PowerMesh Alembic Camera Focal length

When exporting PowerMesh to a 3D scene via Alembic, can I set the focal length and filmback on the camera?

Or better yet, bring in my existing 3D camera?

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That is a very good feature request I will let @martinb know about. I am pretty sure you have to basically use the camera we give you. But. We are looking to make 3D features in Mocha more robust.

Here’s the alembic workflow: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

Currently, the camera for the export is only to get the right projection for the source size you’re using, so a focal length and aperture are baked in.
But I can see if we can modify that based on the focal length you need.

In the meantime, since the mesh is essentially a 2D mesh with zero Z depth you could composite any projected focal length you need to combine with this one.

@maryp @martinb

Any updates on this?

Still no specific focal length for this.

There’s some new things coming that will probably help, but not until the next major version.