PowerMesh and Layers Order

I have two problems with powermesh both related to the same reason I guess :
1-The matte option
2-Warp Stabilize Render

When the powermesh layer is latest in the hierarchy I mean If it the one in the bottom.The data dose not work at all i.e. it creates the data but mocha ignores it and the warped comp just Ignores it completely and it dose not warp at all.
But if I had tracked everything then changed the order and put it the very first one at the top it works without any problems.

Same for the matte option, although I change the visible layers to only be the powermesh layer so It can create the matte based on it but it doesn’t work either and Even If didn’t change this option but I put it the first layer, It just works and creates the matte.

Is this normal? Do I have to edit the order everytime in order for it to work probably?

Sounds like your top layer might be occluding the PowerMesh but I would have to see what you mean. What version of Mocha are you on and what host?

Hey there.
Here is a video recording

I am on Ae 2022 with
Mocha Pro 2022
V 9.0.2 build 197

Ok. I think we need to explore this. Let me run some tests.

Turn on the check box for Mesh Warp inside the Mocha GUI. You don’t appear to have the mask layer flagged as a mesh warp stabilize.

Hey there,
Any Updates?


I don’t want to stablize it tho.

Any Updates?

I can’t get this issue to repeat. Is this an insert rendering issue?

No. I’m not using the insert module here.

You still need to check the mesh warp box to get the insert module with PowerMesh to render correctly.