Powermesh digital makeup: using a reference frame that's not the first frame?

I’m very new to using Mocha Pro. LOVE it btw!

I’ve had success using Powermesh to apply digital makeup, if I trim the beginning of my video to where I start on the reference frame I’m using in Photoshop. But after hours of trial and error, I can’t figure out how to apply Powermesh to an original clip, where the reference frame needs to be taken from the middle of the footage, not frame 1. In frame 1 the person I’m trying to apply the digital makeup to has already turned their head and is partially out of frame.

Hopefully someone can recommend the correct workflow. Every tutorial example I find online always starts with the first frame.

You can use Align Surface on the frame you’d like to be your reference frame, or set that frame in the stabilize module. Or both, which won’t hurt anything. Anyway, that should fix your issue.

I’ve spent hours reviewing the software without much luck. Happy to hear there’s an easy solution. Can you please provide steps for “set that frame in the stabilize module?” I’m not finding any obvious ways to do that.

Yes, in the bottom left of the stabilize module there’s a frame list with a little + and - next to it, Navigate to your reference frame on the timeline and click the + button to add it to the frame list.

Alternatively, you can use the align surface tool on that frame.