PowerMesh error: Layer Overlay Error: Failed to render warp point

Hi there, I’m following this tutorial by Mary Office Hours 08: Logo Replacements with Mocha PowerMesh [With Mary Poplin - 1st March 2022] - YouTube to remove a logo from my shot but I’m having some issues with some of the frames. I’m going with her second approach at the end of the video, where she makes a clean plate, paint it out in Photoshop and uses the Insert module with the PowerMesh Warp enabled.
It’s working perfectly in the middle section as you can see in the vid below but as soon as I go backwards/forwards the error pops up on screen.

Any idea what may be happening? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I suspect this may have to do with the surface getting over-warped by the perspective projection.
Try this:

  1. Turn on überkey in the far right of the timeline. This will help avoid generating a keyframe for the value.
  2. Set your Mesh Falloff value to 0%
  3. Turn OFF the überkey again by selecting the auto key “A” button.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. I tried to render it out with the Mesh Fallout in 0% and the messge “Failed to compute the layer homography” popped up. I then clicked OK and now I have these two on screen:

Did you track this with perspective or shear?

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YES! I disabled both and it’s working now :sob::sob:
Thank you so much!

Good to know.
Just so you understand what’s happening here:
Because the thigh area is warping significantly over time and the cloth is moving with it, the overall distortion of the plane is getting quite large.
Large distortions on very large areas (such as when you make the surface the size of the clip) can cause glitches because the pixels can’t render past a certain point.
The solution is either to make a smaller insert to replace the logo area or perform the planar part of the track with fewer motion parameters, letting the mesh track take over the difficult organic part of the track.


That makes sense, I’d never have figured it out by myself. Thank you!!

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No worries. To be fair we need to update our messages to be more user-friendly. I’ll write a feature request to make the messages have possible reasons for the error.