Powermesh in HitFilm?

I have just renewed my Mocha Pro OFX, Hitfilm Pro 15 is my main editing platform.What I want to know, can I use Powermesh with Hitfilm Pro.

Yes! The Stabilize:Warp rendering functionality with PowerMesh works with Hitfilm, and you can use the alembic workflow but you need to align your own camera as HF doesn’t yet support alembic cameras.
I’m currently making a video tutorial on that very subject.

We’ll be putting out a few hitfilm-specific set of tutorials in the near future.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do ask!

I’m going to edit your post title to make it specific to hitfilm so other users can easily find this.

Hi Martin, can you tell me a bit more about aligning the camera for Hitfilm,not too sure…