Powermesh not applied in AE

I am trying to use Powermesh to track the forehead of a subject so I can apply the first frame of the video throughout all video frames (basically, I saved the first frame as photoshop file, brought it back in AE, masked the part I needed and used that - “Face Comp” in the image below).
I basically did everything what was mentioned in this video about Powermesh Mocha Pro Tutorial - Mocha Pro PowerMesh Tracking | Mocha Pro Warping Workflow | Mocha Pro 2021 - YouTube (which I did in another video of mine without any problems).
But in this video it doesn’t seem to work…the image I am trying to apply doesn’t take the Mocha Powermesh track.
The only difference between what I have done in the past and worked ok and this one is that I am using two tracks in Mocha: one normal track to track that red light which I want to exclude from Powermesh track…and then the Powermesh track itself. See the image below.

I am at a loss why applying the Powermesh track in AE doesn’t work…am I doing something wrong with these two tracks? Or what?

I tried with Insert Layer according to this Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2022: Improved Insert Module with PowerMesh Tracking and I see it’s working inside Mocha…but after I save it and set the settings in AE on Mocha plugin (check Render, and choose Module Insert:Composite) it doesn’t work anymore. Just like above…

Try precomposing your footage, moving all attributes into the selected layer, and trimming the comp to the timeline before you apply Mocha to it. I see footage going offscreen here, and AE tends to not like that. As much as possible, treat effects shots like their own contained envelope in AE and you will run into fewer issues. If I had to guess, without knowing more, that seems like the problem you are encountering.