I’m trying to do a simple logo replacement, and have tried everything and Powermesh is NOT rendering or copying, etc. Not sure what is going on. I’ve tried multiple tutorials and none of them work.

Really need some help on this if anybody has any ideas WHY it’s simply not working at all. Thanks!

If you are working in After Effects and have trimmed your source layer, this could be the issue. There is currently an AE issue with trimmed layers that is resolved by precomping your layer before applying Mocha OR simply cutting/splitting the layer but not trimming.

Beyond this. other issues that can cause this is not selecting a reference frame in Mocha OR not enabling the Render>Stabilze Warp if applying to an alpha source.

This video might help solve your issues or else we need more detail here: Mocha Pro 2021: PowerMesh Tips - YouTube

Ross, you are the wind beneath my wings. That’s what it was. A trimmed clip. THANKS!!!


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Great! We have a point release (2021.01) that fixes this that will be out very soon. Stay tuned and if you have any fun examples of PowerMesh in action, we’d love to see them!