PowerMesh Not tracking accurately - VFX Shot

Hello there, I cannot get the powermesh to deliver a good track to apply a slit throat/blood effect on subject, I’m just getting tons of slip no matter how many adjustments I make with mesh grid resolution, areas for tracking etc. There are a lot of things happening here; A) the subject is reallly twitching moving; b) There is a shadow being cast across the desired tracking area that I think is causing the most issues. I also am having a hard time keeping the surface area in frame/in front of camera as it does tend to go out of bounds thus not rendering certain frames. Any advice on an approach to get a solid track with Powermesh? I am not aware of another tracker that could achieve the result I need.

That is a tricky one.

You could try increasing the smoothness of the Mesh track. The higher the smoothness in the mesh track, the more it adheres to the planar track. You’ll get less mesh movement, but it might overcome the issue.

You can also try reducing the shadows by altering the contrast/gamma in preprocessing. I imagine the hard shadow along the right side of the neck is going to be the biggest problem.

The alternative is just going to be manually keyframing the mesh, or recalibrating the Insert with a combination of keyframing the grid warp and adjusting mesh falloff. I think for the most part this is going to be an adjustment job, but you can at least try the above first to see if you can reduce the major shakes and distortion.

Thanks! Ya, tricky indeed. I’ll see if I can reduce the contrast more from that shadow as you suggested, definitely the problem child there. I will also try smoothing things but ya, I was afraid that this was going to end up being a manual adjustment shot.