Powermesh Nulls not working

Hi there.

I can see that other people have had this problem, but cant seem to find any solutions for it:

I have tracked a clip using Mocha Pro’s Powermesh and I need the Nulls from the track. However when I push the “Create Nulls” button nothing happens. I am using Mocha Version 10.0.1 build 54.g58678bac292c and After Effects Build 23.0.0

The clips are not cropped in the timeline. It doesnt matter if they are precomposed or directly on the clip. I have tried a large number of variations, different kinds of footage and different versions of After effects etc. But nothing seems to work.

Hope someone can help out


This was recently discovered as a bug. The team is working on a fix, and it should hit the maintenance release soon.
As a temporary solution, I can recommend you try downloading the older build. It should work fine in Mocha Pro 9.5.6

Legacy downloads are available here

Sorry for the inconvenience